• Emerald Green Arborvitae-3/7/15 gallon
  • Green Giant Arborvitae-1/3/7 gallon
  • Murray Leyland Cypress3/7 gallon
  • 'Kings Gold' Dwarf Gold Mop Cypress-3 gallon
  • Globosa Cryptomeria-3 gallon
  • Dwarf Globosa Cryptomeria-3 gallon
  • Dwarf Hinoki Cypress-7/15 gallon
  • Dwarf Alberta Spruce-1/3 gallon
  • Densiformis Yew-3 gallon
  • Hicks Yew-3 gallon
  • Blue Atlas Cedar-15/25 gallon
  • 'Horstmann' Dwarf Blue Atlas Cedar-15 gallon
  • Serpentine Blue Atlas Cedar-15 gallon
  • Deodora Cedar-15/25 gallon
  • Weeping Nootka False Cypress-15 gallon
  • Weeping Norway Spruce-15 gallon
  • Top Grafted Blue Star Juniper-15 gallon
  • Top Grafted Blue Spruce-15 gallon
In small dosages, the active substance exhibits a bacteriostatic property http://www.canadaonpharm.com, and at higher doses, it is bactericidal. In the first case, it inhibits the activity and reproduction of microorganisms (causes bacteriostasis), and in the second case it kills bacteria.
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