Crape Myrtles

  • Pocomoke(dwarf)-3 gallon
  • Acoma(white)-3 gallon
  • Tonto(fuschia red)-3/7/15 gallon
  • Pink Valour(dark pink)-3/7/15 gallon
  • Catawba(purple)-3/7/15 gallon
  • Dynamite(red)-3/7/15 gallon
  • Red Rocket(red)7/15 gallon
  • Sioux(light pink)-7/15 gallon
  • Muskogee(lavender)-7/15 gallon
  • Natchez(white)-3/7/15 gallon
  • Sarah's Delight(white/multi-stem)-7/15 gallon
In small dosages, the active substance exhibits a bacteriostatic property, and at higher doses, it is bactericidal. In the first case, it inhibits the activity and reproduction of microorganisms (causes bacteriostasis), and in the second case it kills bacteria.
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